Choosing the perfect Pizza Oven is a crucial part of creating your dream garden. You will want to make sure your cooking area is not only perfectly suited to your style but also fits beautifully into your garden. Our Luxury Pizza Oven will be the talking point of any garden party so we have compiled a list of our top ovens in order for you to better understand what pizza oven would fit you best.

Alfa Living ‘Bravo’ Pizza Oven

The Bravo is a stylish wood fired oven perfect for outdoor use and is available as either a freestanding or built in oven, producing perfect pizza every time.

This super compact wood burning pizza oven is available as both a freestanding unit on a wheeled base or as an appliance that can be seamlessly integrated into an outdoor kitchen, adding a touch of class to any garden setting. The freestanding unit benefits from a large area in the base to allow for wood storage and a useful area on which to set things down.

Phoenix Grill 700 Glass

The Phoenix Grill 700 Glass is a unique product that embodies the essence of Alfresco living.  The Grill features ceramic glass surrounding the whole body of the fire chamber. The German design and precision engineering of the Phoenix Grill makes it a truly multi-functional architectural centrepiece which can be used both as a BBQ or Pizza Oven and when the cooking has finished, fire it up and use it to heat your outdoor entertaining space.

Alfa Living Gas Fired Dolce Vita Pizza Oven

The Dolce Vita is a stylish gas fired oven for the garden – a contemporary, beautifully styled and convenient addition to your outdoor space. The versatile Dolce Vita offers everything you could want in a truly remarkable gas fired pizza oven with the versatile fuelling options LPG (bottled gas) or Natural Gas (mains gas supply). The gas fired Dolce Vita is available as a freestanding unit or the oven top can be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor kitchen

Gozney Black Edition Pizza Oven

The Gozney Black Edition Pizza Oven is an amazing and versatile luxury oven that is made with exceptional quality and will enhance any outdoor kitchen. This pizza oven is available in 4 different sizes with the capacity ranging from 3 to 6 pizzas making it the ideal outdoor oven. The Gozney luxury pizza oven is a hand cast cooker and thanks to the durability of the stone structure it delivers consistent performance at both high and low cooking temperatures.