AK47 Fuocolo Firepit


The AK47 Fuocolo Firepit is a stunning outdoor wood-burning firepit, designed with a contemporary style to create a focal point to any outdoor space.



The AK47 Fuocolo Firepit is another beautifully designed piece from the collection. A great cradle where wood reawakens.; with its imposing size and rigorous design, Fuocolo marks space with art and magic.

As well as an exquisite firepit, the Fuocolo can double up as a large wood storage (sold separately).

The Fuocolo Firepit is supplied with a steel cover plate to cover the combustion chamber when not in use, to prevent the escape of ashes in the wind & rain. When in use, the upper part of the firepit does not overheat.

Please note, the oxidised version of this firepit is now no longer available. Instead, there is now a new and improved Natural Corten Steel version available which will, over time, reach the dark brown shade, similar to the oxidised version. Please see below the cycle of the Natural Corten Steel firepit.

The Corten steel is supplied in its natural state (blue/black).

The surface has not yet developed the typical protective patina, this patina only develops under natural weathering conditions.

The duration of the oxidation process will then depend on exposure to atmospheric agents.

At the end of the natural cycle of maturation, the Corten steel reaches the characteristic dark brown shade.

Available Accessories:

Wood Storage


Diameter: 1800 mm x Height: 530 mm
Weight 190 kg approx

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