Alfa Living Wood Fired Duetto Pizza Oven


The elegant Duetto wood fired pizza oven benefits from a patented dual cooking chamber enabling you to cook more dishes at the same time – perfect for entertaining.



Elegance, passion for details, innovation and outstanding food are some of the key words that describe Alfa Living products.  With over 40 years’ experience, the Alfa Living products have been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers and establish new standards of quality for outdoor ovens.
All of their products are designed and handmade in the Anagni factory, close to Rome and are packed with details that reflect Italian engineering and attention to detail, ensuring outstanding performance and excellent culinary results. Each oven is provided with a weatherproof exterior with a two-layer painting, a double-thickness refractory fireclay cooking top, a cooking chamber made of special steel, resistant to high temperatures up to 1,000° C / 1,832° F. and door glass – up to 800° C / 1,472° F.

The Duetto model is the ultimate dual cooking oven, that has revolutionised the world of wood-fired ovens using both direct flame and heat retaining firebricks.

The fire burning in the bottom oven, called “Fiamma”, bakes crisp pizzas, vegetables, meat and dishes that need direct cooking, whilst the cooking floor of the top oven, called “Mattone”, heats up very quickly thanks to the firebricks placed above the flames of the bottom chamber, and can be used to cook bread, cakes and other dishes needing indirect cooking. There is a shelf for food preparation and temporary storage.

This oven holds heat for a long time, allowing you to cook even after the fire has gone out. The glass ceramic doors allow you to control the cooking at a glance without opening the door, helping to maintain a steady internal temperature. As the Duetto is designed for two kinds of traditional cooking methods you will be able to prepare an endless variety of dishes to please all the family.

Wheels on the foot of the oven ensure it is easily portable should you wish to move it around.

Lower Oven
Oven Floor area                      0.42 m2
Oven floor dimensions          60 x 70 x 5.4 cm
Recommended fuel                Wood
Heating time                            30 Minutes
Pizza capacity                          3
No. pizzas in 15 mins             up to 12
Bread capacity                         5 kg
Max oven temperature          400°C

Upper Oven
Oven Floor area                      0.35 m2
Oven floor dimensions          70 x 70 x 8.1 cm
Recommended fuel                Wood
Heating time                            45 Minutes
Bread capacity                         4 kg
Max oven temperature          300°C

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