Gozney Black Edition Pizza Oven


The Gozney Black Edition Pizza Oven is an amazing and versatile luxury oven that is made with exceptional quality and will enhance any outdoor kitchen

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The Gozney Black Edition Pizza Oven is a great piece of outdoor furniture that can be fitted into a range of outdoor spaces thanks to it being available in different sizes. This pizza oven is available in 4 different sizes with the capacity ranging from 3 to 6 pizzas making it the ideal outdoor oven.

This luxury pizza oven is a hand cast cooker and thanks to the durability of the stone structure it delivers consistent performance at both high and low cooking temperatures. The Gozney Black Edition Pizza Oven’s design gives amazing versatility when cooking allowing you to cook anything from high heat pizzas to low and slow overnight dishes. Professional grade insulation wrap is used to surround the oven dome ensuring excellent temperature control.

The enamelled, cast iron mouth of this luxury pizza oven is wide enough to fit multiple or even extra large oven dishes. The oven’s entrance offers a clear view of its powerful burning flame, making cooking on stone both theatrical and effortless.

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