Whistler Cirencester Modular Kitchen


The impressive, innovative Whistler Cirencester modular Kitchen is sure to make the perfect outdoor entertainment area, allowing you to give it a personal touch and to fit your patio or garden area.



The all new show stopping Whistler Cirencester Modular System is designed to allow you to create your very own bespoke outdoor kitchen, personally tailored to suit your home and budget.

This sophisticated stainless steel modular system is packed with many impressive features, including the Free-standing Cirencester 4 or 6 Burner grill, two of Whistler’s finest BBQ’s, as well as a high quality kitchen sink, fridge and plenty of other storage units to complete your dream outdoor entertaining area.

The Cirencester Modular System allows you the customer to design your outdoor kitchen exactly as you want it. The broad range of modular units allows you to choose extra drawers or cupboards to fit your personal needs.

The Whistler Cirencester range offers you flexibility in your design. The 45° and 90°-degree corner units allow you to adapt your kitchen to your outdoor space. Once you have decided on your configuration, you can simply attach the units together with butterfly screws. Whistler have made it possible for you to add a gas cylinder holder into the 90° degree cabinet, allowing you to hide the bottle deep within the corner, giving the finished kitchen a sleek and tidy look.

The cooking surface is one of the most important parts of any BBQ, and for this reason Whistler make their cooking grates out of 304 stainless steel. The reason they use this high grade material is because of its resistance to oxidization and corrosion. The chromium protects the product from oxidization and rust, and the higher the nickel content, the more resistant the stainless steel is to corrosion.

Price includes 1 x Whistler Cirencester 6 Burner BBQ​, 1 x Double Door Fridge, 1 x Luxury Hand-Crafted Sink Unit, 1 x Double Door Storage Cabinet, 1 x Triple Drawer Cabinet. 

The Whistler can be configured to suit your specific needs, check out the rest of the Whistler range.

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