Outdoor Cooking Buying Guide

Choosing the right BBQ, grill or oven for your outdoor cooking is an important decision to make, as you design your outdoor space. You’ll want to ensure you’re creating a garden that’s not just beautiful but also suited to your style of cooking and entertaining. We’ve put together the following guide to help you find the best products to suit your outdoor living, and if you have any questions, please do get in touch to discuss how we can help.

For instantaneous cooking and precision control

If you’re looking for a gas BBQ with cooking features that will help take your entertaining to the next level, look no further than our range of Wolf luxury outdoor gas grills.

These BBQs are truly top of the range, constructed by the trusted experts at Sub-Zero Wolf using only super-premium grade materials for life-long performance.

The choice of direct and radiant heat gives you the cooking precision control that many other BBQs lack and their exceptionally high heat will allow you to achieve flawless uniform grilling. Their 10mm thick stainless-steel grates also give those restaurant-quality searing grill marks you’ve been looking for.

Fuelled by either natural gas or propane (LPG) fuel, they offer the flexibility to fit with your existing gas supply requirements and will provide instantaneous cooking at the touch of the button.

Our Wolf grills come in a range of sizes to suit your garden or outdoor kitchen and are available either to build into your work-surface, or with a standalone cart, so positioning them is as simple as can be.

Finally, as with all of Luxury Outdoor Living’s products, these luxury gas BBQs are beautifully and thoughtfully designed with features such as LED illuminated controls, spring assisted hood, easy to clean drip trays, heated coil triggered ignition (so you won’t be left waiting for an elusive spark), infrared burners and an inbuilt rotisserie system which will get you grilling to perfection in no time.

For the perfect combination of BBQ design, functionality and tradition

If you’re looking for a charcoal fueled BBQ that’s right at the top of the range, then our range of Monolith ceramic grills is the choice for you.

Monolith produces the ultimate ceramic BBQ, combining style, practicality and exceptionally robust build quality that you’d expect from a Kamado style BBQ, at a more affordable price than similar products such as Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe. Calling on a style used by the Chinese and Japanese for over 3000 years, these luxury BBQs, available in a range of 3 sizes to fit your needs, provide the perfect centerpiece for grilling, smoking, baking, searing, barbecuing or roasting, really opening up your options for outdoor entertaining.

A huge advantage of Monolith’s ceramic design is its insulating layer, meaning that it can retain heat and the moisture in your food. The ceramic design means you require less total heat for cooking, it also lets you cook at significantly higher temperatures, or at very low temperatures, for a significantly longer time. Perfect for those low-and slow dishes.  Combine this with the ability to fine-tune the temperature, add smoking chips directly to your coals without disturbing your cooking, and you get a BBQ that is extremely versatile and allows you to grill, sear, bake and smoke!

If you’re looking to take take the comforts of the inside, out

If you’re looking to bring the ultimate in outdoor cooking to your garden or outdoor kitchen, our range of Alfa living wood fired ovens will deliver just that.

With over 40 years’ experience, Alfa Living outdoor pizza ovens are the world’s finest, establishing new standards of quality for luxury outdoor ovens, with strikingly beautiful designs.

All our Alfa products are designed and handmade in the Anagni factory, near Rome and are packed with touches that reflect Italian engineering and attention to detail, ensuring outstanding performance and excellent culinary results, whether you’re serving up stone baked pizzas, or cooking an alfresco roast.

Each oven is provided with a weatherproof exterior with two-layer painting, a double-thickness refractory fireclay cooking top, and a cooking chamber made of special steel, resistant to temperatures up to 1,000° C.

With the option to go for propane or natural gas power, which can also be converted to suit wood fuelled cooking, the Alfa Living range of gas fired pizza ovens will suit any lifestyle. And reaching temperatures exceeding to 400 Degrees C, they’ll cook a pizza in under 2 minutes, and the 25-minute heating time means your hungry guests won’t be kept waiting.

Alfa living’s luxury outdoor pizza ovens come in a range of sizes, either as freestanding or ready to be built into an existing structure, meaning they can suit any space. And they’re ready to use right after unpacking.

For the ultimate centrepiece to your outdoor cooking

If you’re looking for the versatility to provide a warming showpiece to your garden that also gives you the option to indulge your alfresco culinary urges, then one of our stunning AK47 firepits, with an added grill plate allows you to bring a truly remarkable piece of design to your garden where you can cook directly over wood for a touch of tradition and style that will be sure to produce incredible results.

Ak47 Design represents the very best in outdoor fire pits. Their breath-taking designs are manufactured in Italy with the utmost attention to detail, and the finest quality materials transforming their creative ideas into truly mesmerizing products.

You’ll find AK47 fire pits in some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world and they’ll be sure to become the ultimate talking point next time you’re looking to entertain in your outdoor space.