AK47 – Hole Firepit and Grill


A countersunk wood-burning fire pit which can be installed in any external area, providing the perfect concealed structure to set your fire.

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A versatile wood-burning fire pit made from oxidised steel, which can be installed in any kind of external surface.

The fire pit is made in steel with the visible components finished in oxidised steel, which are given a special treatment to prevent corrosion.

When not in use, the fire pit is protected by the supplied cover plate, which isolates the fire’s residual ash – when in place, the cover plate can be walked on.

With an optional grill kit sold separately, it can be easily converted into a striking BBQ.

Product Dimensions

Circumference: 700 mm / 1360 mm

Height: 200 mm

Total weight approx. 120 Kg

Grill kit circumference: 510 mm /940 mm