Gommaire Round Floor Coffee Table Set


The luxury Gommaire Round Floor Coffee Table Set is a beautiful set of teak coffee tables and will be perfect for any environment throughout the year. The coffee table will be of great use no matter the occasion.



The Gommaire Round Floor Coffee Table Set is a set of 3 beautiful coffee tables. The luxury coffee table can be purchased as a set or individually. The reclaimed teak will allow the coffee table to look beautiful for many years and with the help of Gommaire’s teak cleaner and protector the table will always be protected from stains and any harsh weather conditions.

We ship to all of the UK and to UK customers abroad. For non UK customers, please contact your local retailer.

A message from the manufactures:

“Dining tables and coffee tables are indispensable in each outdoor space or terrace.  The Gommaire outdoor tables are solid pieces of furniture and have a contemporary design. All of them are assembled in our own atelier and carefully finished.

All outdoor tables are made from solid (reclaimed) teak wood and teak root structures. The wood has not been protected against staining or colour changing/weathering. Wood is a natural material with differences in structure as well as colour. Solid wood is sensitive to large differences in air humidity and temperature. Hence we recommend to keep both factors as stable as possible. Solid wood products work; fluctuations in temperature and humidity makes the wood move and/or cracks can occur. However, the appearance of a crack is in accordance to Gommaire philosophy.

Teak wood becomes more beautiful when exposed to daylight. Every wood species has its own colour changing and patina. That makes the wood so unique and nice! Our natural teak wood will get a weathered look when exposed outside. Care and use instructions will be provided upon request. Our teak wood can always be treatened with the Gommaire teak protector and cleaned with the Gommaire teak cleaner.

The collection has its standard sizes. Although we give the opportunity to our customers to customize tables. For customized furniture the possibilities in size and design will be reviewed accordingly to your request.”

Product Dimensions


H: 32cm

W: 50cm


H: 37cm

W: 65cm


H: 42cm

W: 80cm