Outdoor Steel Football Table


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The Outdoor Steel Football Table is the skinny, lighter version of the Outdoor Stainless Steel Football Table. With it’s thin metal legs and skinnier frame the RS#3 is 25kg lighter than the RS#2 Football Table.

The RS#3 offer the most colour options of all RS Barcelona Football Tables. This table offer a unique blue and yellow option, as well as the red, white and black options.

This Football Table is able to be used as either an indoor or outdoor table due to it’s weather resistant steel with a cataphoresis coating process.

The prices above include free delivery (or alternatively we can deliver and install for an extra charge). Please allow approximately 4-5 weeks for lead times from the point of order.  Please contact us if you require anymore information.

RS#3 Football Table

Dimensions: 151cm x 131cm x 93cm

Weight: 69 kg / 152 lb

Use: Indoor & Outdoor

Approx. Lead Times: 4-5 weeks

Price: £2,250

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White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black