Prostor P6 – Multi Cantilever Parasol


The Prostor P6 Multi Cantilever Luxury Parasol accommodates 1 to 4 umbrellas on one pole which offers up to to 38m² of sheer shade pleasure. Price includes galvanised steel base and Surlast protection cover, other options are available including ground anchor or floorplate.

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This luxury Prostor P6 multi cantilever parasol uses an ingenious system of one central pole with 1 – 4 umbrellas attached in a variety of combinations making it possible to arrange the shading in many different configurations to cover the space as you require.
With five pole colours to choose from and 12 different parasol colours you are sure to find the perfect combination to suit your outdoor space with the Prostor P6 multi cantilever parasol . There are a range of fixings available from movable floor plates to permanent ground anchors and wall brackets.
With the option to add infra-red heating and dimmable LED lighting you can create the perfect space and ambience to enhance your outdoor living area and comfortably extend the alfresco experience into the evenings.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will put together a detailed quote based on your individual needs.