Here at Luxury Outdoor Living, we have a beautiful array of Modular Kitchen options. From full units to individual pieces you are certain to find the best modules for your dream outdoor kitchen, big enough for all occasions from feeding your family to entertaining guests. Check out some options below or take a look for yourself on the following link.

Whistler Cirencester Modular Kitchen

The impressive, innovative Whistler Cirencester modular Kitchen is sure to make the perfect outdoor entertainment area, allowing you to give it a personal touch and to fit your patio or garden area.

Roshults Modular Kitchen Island

Röshults Kitchen Island is a luxurious outdoor kitchen, completed with highest quality materials, exclusive features and contemporary design. All modules are flexible and enable you to choose every detail, every functionality, and the final design of your kitchen. Get in touch now to create your dream kitchen.

Whistler Modular Kitchen Double Door Fridge

The Whistler Double Door Fridge is an essential part of the Whistler modular kitchen but it can also be used as a stand alone unit in your outdoor area. With a stylish black laminium countertop and internal LED lights, this fridge is sure to fit perfectly in your outdoor kitchen.

Roshults Module Cooker Hob 50

The Roshults Module Cooker Hob 50 is made from highest quality stainless steel, and is as stylish as it’s durable. It will optimize your kitchen, and enable you to show your extraordinary – or everyday – cooking skills. Its high flexibility and durable construction will make this a long-time companion.

Whistler Modular Kitchen Triple Drawer Cabinet

The Whistler Triple Drawer Cabinet is an essential part of the Whistler modular kitchen but can also be purchased and used individually in your existing outdoor area. The stylish black laminam countertop and solid stainless steel construction will allow this triple drawer unit to look at home in any outdoor setting.