Glass Grill 700


The Glass Grill 700 is the ultimate stylish all in one – BBQ, Firepit and Pizza oven.



The Glass Grill 700 is a unique product that embodies the essence of Alfresco living. The 700 Glass model is similar to the classic 700 model but features ceramic glass surrounding the whole body of the fire chamber. This makes a fantastic centrepiece for a large outdoor entertaining space where the fire can be enjoyed from all sides.

The German design and precision engineering of the Grill makes it a truly multi-functional architectural centerpiece which can be used both as a BBQ or Pizza Oven and when the cooking has finished, fire it up and use it to heat your outdoor entertaining space.

A huge range of food can be cooked on the Grill from meat and vegetables to crispy base pizzas, roasted vegetables & slow cooked casseroles. The 700 Grill takes outdoor cooking to a new level.

The Grill will undoubtedly extend the season for using your outside space and is perfectly possible to cook on all year round.

  • The grill can be mounted at 3 different heights for intensity of heat required.
  • Both the grill and pans are mounted in stainless steel supports that swing in and out on external brackets to prevent the need to handle food over the hot coals or fire.
  • Grills can be double stacked to provide double cooking area.
  • The 700 Grill can be easily moved on quality rubber and stainless steel castors, even when lit if necessary.
  • A chimney extension can be fitted should this be necessary to extract smoke from a garden structure or over a roof line.
  • The high quality sliding doors in stainless steel and fireproof ceramic glass enable ultimate control over the airflow when cooking and offer protection from sparks when the grill is in ‘fire mode’.
  • The grill is lined with heat reflective mica bricks to ensure even and highly effective heat retention and distribution enabling the grill to be a pizza oven when in ‘cook mode’.
  • Available in 3 colours: Cast Grey, Silver Grey or Copper.
  • All Grills Come with a 5 year Warrenty

NB. This 700 Glass model functions excellently as a BBQ and Patio fire but does not have quite the same level of insulation properties to ensure efficient use as a pizza oven compared to the other models.

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Dimensions / Specifications:

Fire Cavity – 70cm diameter

Hood – 82cm diameter

Height – 2.2m

Weight – 85kg

Grill – 480mm diameter

Stainless Steel – 304 Food Grade 1.5mm – 4mm stainless steel