Sub-Zero Outdoor Integrated Refrigeration Drawers

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These Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers allow you to store your fresh food and drinks in a perfectly controlled environment within your outdoor kitchen.




These Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration drawers are sealed to lock in moisture and ensure maximum freshness in the ideal low temperature, high-humidity environment for optimum food preservation.

These integrated fridge drawers are fitted with smart-touch technology that lets you control temperatures from 1° C to 7°C. Organization is easy, with adjustable (and removable) dividers that allow you to separate fresh foods, drinks, snacks and more. Soft-on LED lighting offers controllable degrees of brightness. The drawers include the stainless steel drawer fronts and are designed to coordinate perfectly with Wolf outdoor grills, Wolf integrated appliances and Wolf storage drawers and cupboards.

The interactive and easy-to-use controls employ touchscreen technology to precisely regulate temperatures and give you more access to more settings. The control panel’s small footprint further refines the interior.

Energy-efficient LEDs offer varying degrees of brightness, enabling you to customize preferences by controlling intensity levels.

Other key features include:

  • Low-temperature/high humidity storage zones
  • Soft close doors and drawers

Sub-zero outdoor drawers, paired with outdoor panels are engineered in heavy-gauge stainless steel that withstands UV rays, salt and moisture – Elements that would corrode lesser materials.

A matching range of integrated appliances and cupboards also available.