Maxime Linen & Coral Napkins (4 Pack)


These luxury Weaver Green napkins are sure to be a beautiful addition to your dining experience. Made entirely from plastic bottles, these napkins are machine washable and sure to last on your dining tables for many years to come.



Weaver Green felt that there was an opportunity to turn some of the 135 billion plastic bottles that end up in our seas and landfill each year into beautiful, practical home textiles. Made entirely from up to 3000 recycled plastic bottles, their key challenge has been to turn hard plastic into the lovely soft open fibres so that the yarn genuinely has the look and feel of wool. 

Perfect for those with dust mite allergies or asthma, their textiles are moth proof, mould resistant, UV stable and very hardwearing, perfect for outdoor and indoor use. 

Machine washable
Environmentally friendly
Stain resistant (red wine just washes out) 

Designed to have a long, purposeful life; while the Weaver Green textiles are machine washable, to keep them looking their best, we urge you to only do so when they really need it. 

There may be the odd occasion where you wish to iron either our linen look products or our throws. It is worth keeping in mind that while they may look and feel like they are made from natural fibres, all our products are made from 100% recycled plastic and so must be ironed with great care and treated like a polyester fabric. We strongly recommend always using a cotton sheet or tea towel as a protective layer between your product and the iron to avoid the risk of melting. We also recommend to not use a steam setting. 

Weaver Green textiles and rugs are – Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles – nothing else! 


45cm x 45cm