Wolf Outdoor BBQ – Built In For Outdoor Kitchen

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The incredible quality and precision control of  the Wolf Outdoor BBQ will revolutionise your outdoor cooking. This integrated model is designed to be built into your outdoor kitchen worksurface.

Available in grill sizes 76, 91, 107 & 137 cm.




All our Wolf Outdoor BBQ grills are constructed with super-premium grade materials for life-long performance. The sculpted BBQ shells are made with double-wall precision-welded stainless-steel, to eliminate rust or the chance of holding water.

All Wolf Outdoor BBQ grills provide industry-leading features to perfect your outdoor cooking:

  • Wolf grills use 2 types of heat; direct and radiant, to achieve the ideal temperature range and uniform heat that are key in flawless grilling.
  • Solid 10mm thick stainless-steel grates retain and radiate heat for more even grilling and searing for those looking for perfect grill marks. They will not rust and are easy to clean with the grill brush provided.
  • The powerful sear station emits exceptionally high heat to sear your food and create a delicious crust.
  • The Wolf ignition system is designed for reliability, with heated coil triggered ignition, so you won’t be left looking for that illusive spark.
  • Wolf ceramic briquettes emit consistent radiant heat which provide an even temperature distribution throughout the grill.
  • Infrared burners and an inbuilt rotisserie system provide smooth rotation for up to 11kg of food and a dual distance setting allows for an even cooking.
  • The warming rack has three positions to allow you to roast, slow cook or warm your food, or just keep it ready to serve without drying out.
  • Add your favourite hickory, mesquite, maple or fruit-tree wood chips to the in-built smoker box for all day low-and-slow cooking giving added smoked flavour to your food.

As well as precise grilling, Wolf’s grills are beautifully and thoughtfully designed:

  • Illuminated controls and dual halogen lights inside the grill hood produce a brilliant light to take the guess work out of night time grilling.
  • The spring assisted grill hood means that the sturdy hood can be lifted with the lightest of touches. And the handle design keeps hands away from the hot grilling surface.
  • A matching range of integrated Wolf appliances, warming drawers and cupboards are also available.
  • All grills include an easy to clean pull-out drip tray.

Our Wolf Outdoor BBQ grills are available in a range of sizes to suit your outdoor kitchen and are available either to build into your worksurface, or with a standalone cart. Integrated grills are available in grill sizes 76, 91, 107 & 137 cm.

All outdoor gas grills are available in natural gas or LPG.

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If you are situating your grill within combustible material, you will need a liner – please contact us to discuss your requirements more fully.


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76cm, 91cm, 107 cm, 137 cm