Luxury Outdoor BBQs

As the sun starts to come out and the nights get longer, the more need there is for an outdoor BBQ. Here at Luxury Outdoor Living, we have everything you will need to ensure you have the perfect outdoor cooking experience throughout the warm summer nights, perfect for your friends and family. Check out a few of our luxury BBQs below or take a look for yourself by scrolling through our website.

Wolf Outdoor Grill- With Cart

All our Wolf Outdoor Grill models are constructed with super-premium grade materials for life-long performance. The sculpted BBQ shells are made with double-wall precision-welded stainless-steel, to eliminate rust or the chance of holding water.

Monolith Le Chef Pro-Series 2.0

The Monolith Le Chef Pro-Series 2.0 is the ultimate ceramic BBQ, giving you the perfect centre-piece for grilling, smoking, baking, searing, barbecuing or roasting. This version is freestanding with ceramic feet to integrate into your outdoor kitchen or cooking area.

Whistler Cirencester 6 Grill

The Whistler Cirencester 6 LPG Grill is a huge grill suitable for large gathering and is extremely versatile due to its multi-grill interchangeable options and its ability to cook multiple items at once. This BBQ offers amazing value for money!​ This BBQ comes ready built.

GlammFire Intermezzo Barbecue

The GlammFire BBQ is ideal to cook the perfect meal. Whether its for a family night or an evening with your friends, the Intermezzo BBQ will be perfect for all situations.

Wolf Outdoor BBQ – Built In For Outdoor Kitchen

The incredible quality and precision control of  the Wolf Outdoor BBQ will revolutionise your outdoor cooking. This integrated model is designed to be built into your outdoor kitchen work surface.

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