Luxury Outdoor Living Parasols

As the current heatwave continues here in the UK, it is essential to find shade and keep cool and what better way to do that than with one of our luxury parasols. From cantilever to wall brackets, you are sure to find the perfect parasol for your outdoor space. Take a look at a few of our parasols in the list below or check them out for yourself.

Prostor P4 – Luxury Cantilever Parasol

The Prostor P4 – Luxury Cantilever Parasol has a telescopic arm from 1.40m up to 1.80m which can swing horizontally and can be locked in a horizontal or vertical position or even at a 45° angle. With 12 different parasol colours you are sure to find the perfect combination to suit your outdoor space with the Prostor P4 – Luxury Cantilever Parasol.

Luxury Cantilever Parasol

Made from beautiful laminated bamboo, the Bambrella Levante Side Wind parasol is an impressive and versatile umbrella designed to enhance any outdoor area whether domestic or commercial.

Carectere Cantilever Parasol

The Carectere Cantilever Parasol can rotate up to 360 degrees and can also be tilted to enable the shaded area to be easily moved as the sun changes position in the sky. It is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your outside space and will look at home in the finest residential settings.

Prostor P6 – Multi Cantilever Parasol

This luxury Prostor P6 multi cantilever parasol uses an ingenious system of one central pole with 1 – 4 umbrellas attached in a variety of combinations making it possible to arrange the shading in many different configurations to cover the space as you require.

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